Video Testimonials Maker in Mumbai

Reviews hold great power in the market. Especially with the invasion of the digital, the public can easily search the reviews of products and services. Therefore customer testimonial acts as the icebreaker in the sales section.

Creating Testimonial videos is truly an art, to make it realistic with no sign of advertisement and reflecting earnestly in the words of the customers involved. However, it is not an easy task and few video production companies in the market can skillfully complete this task. One must observe and trust the experience of the videography company before investing in it.

The following blog contains the concept of Testimonial videos, their features, and how these videos can bring a positive change to your brand. It also includes a Top 10 list of all the quality Testimonial video services in Mumbai.

What are Testimonial Videos?

In simple words, a Testimonial video is a customer review video where a customer expresses his positive experience with a particular brand, product, or service. It has realistic setup and the a natural flow of communication.

Features of a Testimonial Video

A Testimonial video is quite different from other corporate videos on several levels and parameters. Although the goal of the Testimonial videos is the same as corporate videos, that is to boost sales and improve brand image a different approach is applied in these videos.

Following are some of the basic features of Testimonial videos-

1. Natural Communication: Natural communication is a very significant attribute while composing a Testimonial video. These videos cannot appear as pre-decided and planned to the viewers. The customers who are sharing their experiences should be real customers or make their roles believable in the eyes of the viewers.

The use of their local language and natural tone is the key to creating effective Testimonial videos. Many testimonial videos fail to give a realistic and natural sense to the videos. They employ already-known actors that take the heart out of these videos.

2. Sharing Identity in the Video: Before a customer starts sharing how the brand has helped him, he can share his identity. Another important aspect of Testimonial videos; the majority of Testimonial videos include this step. Sharing an individual identity includes his name, age, and occupation. Sharing these details adds more weight to the videos.

For example, an agricultural product includes a farmer's testimonial in the video. In such a case he can give his background, including his past before using the product, and then share the benefits of the same. This will give a contrast and form a storyline structure.

3. Real Setups: Testimonial videos are recorded in real setups such as the home or office of the customer. This is important to make the video more believable for the public.

For example, a factory manager and other subordinate employees share their feedback for a steel manufacturing company in the factory itself. The testimonial videos could capture the working of their factory, then the usage of the subject products with user testimonials of the workers.

4. Short and Crisp: Testimonial videos should not be long and boring. The feedback should be edited in a compact way to make the video short and crisp. This will attract more traffic and keep their attention intact till the end of the video.

What are the Benefits of Testimonial Videos?

1. Acts as an Effective Marketing Tool: Testimonial videos are one of the most effective marketing tools that will assist you in developing a positive brand image in the public.

Testimonial videos are reliable and customers tend to believe in these videos as they find their reflection in the words and experiences of the customers who share them.

2. Assist as a Realistic Communication Tool: Unlike typical corporate videos, testimonial videos are more realistic. While corporate videos are completely pre-planned, testimonial videos are roughly sketched and there is a natural flow of words rather than dialogues.

As the customers themselves come to share their positive experiences it adds more value to your brand than the old-fashioned advertisement videos.

3. Undercover Advertisement: They too advertise your brand but not in an obvious manner. There are no actors, no artificial setups, and no predetermined dialogues, it is very different from advertisement. However, it has the same goal as advertisements, to boost sales, and improve brand image.

Why Should You Invest In Quality Testimonial Video Services?

Boost Sales: Investing in producing Testimonial videos is a smart step to boost sales. Customers always find testimonial videos more reliable than advertisement films. Although it is seen that many companies fail to understand the significance of these videos.

Increase in Brand Loyalty: Brand royalty is a simple concept, when a customer chooses to purchase from the same brand again and again it is called brand royalty. Testimonial videos will maintain positive communication with the consumers and the brand loyalty of the already involved consumers will increase.

Adds Positive Dimension to the Brand Image: The word of the public has a great deal of weightage. When a common man shares his views, he is valued more than others. Since testimonial videos mostly deal with the experiences of the common man, they come out as real videos and add to the positive dimension of the Brand Image.

Top 10 Testimonial Video Services in Mumbai

The videography company will be responsible for managing your brand image. Not only are you investing your hard-earned money but also your brand image remains in their hands. Therefore, make this decision very keenly and invest in the right company. Here is a list to you of crucial decision-making.

1. Corporate Films Mumbai

Corporate Films Mumbai is a video production house that offers a variety of options in the field of videography. Their services also extend to photography and product uploading.

A team of professionals is very well-equipped to cater to all your digital needs. It is located in the city of Mumbai. With the experience of more than 5 years, you can most certainly trust this company when it comes to catching important moments and events.

Experience is the most important ingredient to the recipe for success and Corporate Films Mumbai stands by this statement. The company has stood successfully in the market for more than five years. It has joined hands with many big corporate companies like Vodafone, Future Group, Indian Oil, and Hettich.

At present, we have created over 100 corporate films, training films, and product demos under their belt. We not only make sure to give the best quality as per your demand, but we also try to build the gap in between by curating our services at a reasonable cost. It believes in covering every pillar and every stakeholder that stands substantial in the building and functioning of the company.

When it comes to capturing testimonies of customers, the employees of Corporate Films Mumbai act very responsibly and their skills are remarkable. Be it making the person feel comfortable in front of the lens, or time management, be it ensuring effective management or their editing skills, this video production house has no loose threads.

You can close your eyes and leave all your worries related to video production in their hands. In the city of Mumbai, Corporate Films Mumbai stands as the best video production company that will assist you in improving your brand image at affordable rates.


2. Digital Studio

Digital Studio is one of the best video production companies in Mumbai. It can appropriately fulfill your needs. High tech soft light facilities, with lapel or boom microphone options, make it stand out.

The company believes in creating testimonials in local languages to communicate more smoothly with the audiences in the best possible way. This will assist the public in relating to the testimonials. If you are looking for HD quality Testimonial videos, then Digital Studios could be a good choice.


3. Pixel Carving

One of their strong foundations is in-depth knowledge of the digital market. About this, they can customize the Testimonials concerning your brand image, core values, and reputation you hold in the public.

They offer diverse options in Testimonial video production. There are four categories consisting of customer/client testimonial videos, employee testimonial videos, management/leader testimonials, and most importantly the storytelling pattern.


4. Adibizit

Adibizit has a team of specialists who can effectively curate storylines in the Testimonial videos and make the videos realistic be it in terms of setup, communication, or editing. It will try to understand your target audience and other stakeholders to come up with a unique approach for the same.

The company is known to use quality tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Film Cut Pro, and Sony Vegas Pro. Use of such premium tools will assure that your Testimonial videos are in safe hands.


5. Mania Studio

Quite experienced in the field, Mania Studio has a healthy and professional work approach. They have dealt with some of the big companies in the past like Croma, which adds to its quality of work.

They make the entire process of customers sharing their experience easy and smooth going. Such methods will reflect positively as the customers will be comfortable and share genuine reviews.


6. Radiance Vision

Radiance Vision is a new-age, multi-dimensional, animation and visual-effects company that will appropriately fulfill your videography requirements.

They have many options in the videography service section, including explainer videos, educational videos, and other commercial videos. Their Customer Testimonial video services are no less.


7. 3dtrix

The company precisely pays attention to creating and implementing a methodological process of planning, promoting, and producing hard-hitting testimonial videos.

3dtrix will create powerful Testimonial videos in high resolution. Their methods are unique and they respect deadlines.


8. Transcendfilms

With a solid production line, Transcendfilms has a professional approach and systematic planning to manage all the videography tasks skillfully.

They can appropriately showcase the genuine and fresh opinions of their customers. More importantly, they understand that the testimonial videos will impact your brand. Therefore, they take full responsibility to ensure positive responses to these videos.

They have a tight budget which is an add-on. Transcendfilms also believes in making customers feel comfortable so that they can share their testimonies in a free and relaxed manner.


9. Imperial Overseas

This company specializes in producing specific types of testimonial videos. They majorly deal with educational testimonial videos. If you want to create such educational testimonial videos for your institution, then Imperial Overseas can be a good option.

They have prior experience in capturing the feedback of the students and presenting them in the best manner possible.


10. Santanu Production

They are quite experienced in this field. Santanu production has been working in this market for the past 29 years and they excel in their job. They strongly believe in the power of audio-visual and provide authentic and professional work.

They have a conventional mechanism for their creations. The research team of the company is quite talented and will be worth your investment. Will certainly live up to the standards and the quality of your company.


To conclude, there are many video production services available in the market. However, some of them can naturally understand your core values and customers while some may not. Therefore, one must make this decision appropriately.