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Animation is magic. Yes, for us it is more than just creating interesting illusions, and at The Jigsaw we put all of our efforts and creativity to take this art to a new level. We strongly believe that there are new ways to visualize the universe and put them into videos and movies for the world to share.

We specializing in character, technical, medical, commercial, product visualization, 3D architectural walkthrough, 2D animated content, business animation, video production and all kinds of animated videos .

We believe that having the right ideas converting them into relatable stories is something that gives us the edge in the animated production world. In our stories the clients' products and services are the stories that save the day. We believe that people are our biggest strength and right from making videos for local companies to producing TV commercials, we do them all.

Deep within The Jigsaw has a desire to invent, create, and tell stories in such a way to bring that particular animated story to life.

The Jigsaw is an animation and production company operating out of studios all over India. We have a wealth of experience in techniques ranging from old traditional 2D to new 3D animation to stop motions and many more. We design the project that our client visualize and always brings something new and interesting to them.

Animation Studios In India 2024

In India the pioneers of animation studios have been The Nation Films Division of India. They started India’s first dedicated animation studio in 1957 with the production of The Banyan Deer. This studio located in Mumbai heralded the era of animated videos for the country. They were the first institution to focus on Indian animation content.

The film was made by the Films Division of India and Veteran animators Bhimsain& Ram Mohan were instrumental in making the film. For this they were trained by Clair Weeks and started their career in Film Division’s Cartoon Unit.

When Clair Weeks came to India for this project, he had spent over 16 years in Disney Studios and was credited in the making of classics like Snow White, Cinderella and Bambi.

The first Indian animated film made in a proper animation process was The Banyan Deer made in 1957.

So India’s first animation studio was Film Divisions Cartoon Unit that heralded and new era of animation production in India. Till day India’s pioneer Animation studio has made over 75 films mainly focusing on Indian content.

NFDC Animation Film, The Tree of Unity

While the world over the animation industry started to take shape, in India the initial trend was mainly an attempt by some acclaimed filmmakers to animate their title tracks or create short animated sequences. Like the world in India too, the animation revolution started with 2D content.

If we talk of individual efforts then In India this was pioneered by none other than Dada Saheb. His 1912 short The Growth of a Pea Plant introduced the concept of time-lapse photography, with one frame shot per day.In 1915 he produced the animated short AgkadyanchiMouj (Matchsticks' Fun). He had probably been inspired by Émile Cohl’s matchstick film. Unfortunately, animated works such as AgkadyanchiMouj and Vichitra Shilpa have not survived the ravages of time.

Although NFDC (National Films Division Corporation) has been pioneering animation in India, today a lot of studios companies have come up that work not only on national but also international projects.

While earlier most of the cartoon series shown on Indian channels were mainly produced by international companies like Disney. Shows like Duck Tales and the evergreen Tom and Jerry show, were quite popular in India. But with changing times Indian studios started to focus on Indian character and Indian stories and content. Some of the most successful cartoon series made by Indian Animators include series like Chotta Bheem, Vikram Betal, Chacha Batija, and so on. Such series have Indian producers and have also won multiple awards and created new audiences for such content. Focus on quality content and the enhanced use of the latest technology has ensured that the sector has grown fast. The Indian industry is divided into production companies that mainly work for the entertainment sector (like movies and TV series) and studios that focus on the corporate sector and mainly produce video explainers explaining products and services and ads. Amongst the leading studios catering to the entertainment sector we have companies like Cosmos-Maya, Green Gold, Toonz and Digitoonz Media. These Indian organisations have been instrumental in making the Indian foray and have properties like Bapu, Guddu, Gadget Guru Ganesha, ChootaBhim and the latest series Dabangg (which is a offtake from the movie by the same name).

International History of Animation Studios and illustration

Illustrations have been used by human beings since time immemorial to convey incidents, stories and thoughts. An animation can often be thought of as a series of illustrations that are able to send a message as a series of images. While today with the presence of high end computers and a large number of studios, animation has become relatively easy. This was not always the case. But we digress, let us continue with the story of animation. This use of sequence of images dates back to ancient Indians, Egyptians, Greeks and romans. After the invention of the printing press the same illustrations could be mass printed and took the form of cartoons and comics. One of the oldest comic books printed was in Japan in the year 1755. It was published by KoikawaHarumachi and named 'Kinkin sensei eiga no yume' (Master Flashgold's Splendiferous Dream). It was a story about a poor, low-ranked samurai who travels from the Japanese countryside to Tokyo to find a better job.

From comics to film animation took another 133 years, when the first true animation films was showcased by Charles-Émile Reynaud. His Pantomimes Lumineuses series of animated films each contained 300 to 700 frames, that were manipulated back and forth to give an effect of continuous motion.

Between 1895 and 1920, during the rise of the cinematic industry, various techniques were developed, including stop-motion with objects, puppets, clay or cutouts, and drawn or painted. Hand-drawn, mostly illustrations painted on cells, was the dominant technique throughout most of the 20th century and became known as traditional animation.

The first 2D animated film ever made was called Fantasmagorie, which was made by Emile Cohl. The black and white cartoon begins with Emile drawing a simple stick man in live action.The cartoon is about 75 seconds long and it took about 700 different drawings to create. This historic work was released in 1908.

This time also saw the start of the animation firms. The first animation studio in the world was founded by Raoul Barré and his studio, Barré Studio in the year 1914. Although some sources say that the credit for this should go to rival Bray Productions.

The earliest practices adopted by these studios was the use of mechanical perforation of cells and animating special effects on glass.

And the first use of the techniques was for making animated advertisement movies.

The use of 3D came on much later and the initial 3D animated videos were made using stop motion or claymation. This was done by using real life elements like toys, miniatures and similar elements and shooting the videos by moving them bit by bit. This created the illusion of motion. This style of animation was used quite a lot by Aardman Animations. They are a well renowned studio, that is specifically known for the work that they have done in stop motion. They have made series like Gumby, Shawn The Sheep and Wallace and Gromit.

One of the most famous companies that made the world's first all-CGI movie is Pixar company. Founded in 1986, they created Toy Story in 1995 and they have made more than 20 full movies to date.The company has had a great role in creating technological innovation in the animation field.

Types of Animation

Animation is available in various flavors and the list can go on forever. The difference in the styles can be made on the basis of technique, technology and style. There is 2D, 3D, whiteboard, motion graphics and so on. The kind of animation made depends to quite some extent on the target customer.

For example, motion graphics is mainly used to make animations like video explainers and this is used to explain the product and services. With the rapid growth in the dissemination mediums like social media, video explainers are much in demand.

2D Animation

2D animation work is mainly done with software like Adobe Animate or Adobe After Effects (among others) that is usually used when a story has to be told. This could be used by the animation studios which have clients in the entertainment sector and also by companies which target the corporate sector. The companies targeting the entertainment sector would mostly make 2D series that has main viewers who are children.On the other hand 2D videos made by the studios that target the corporate sector would make stand alone videos (they may make a series of videos too, but this is not normally the norm) that try to convey some information about a product, service or even a campaign. This is used to convey information in a simple, easy to understand format.

You can check this article as it has an overview of the 2D animation process adopted by studios

Check out the 2D animation process

3D Animation

3D animation work is mainly done using software like Blender, 3D Max or Maya. It can also be used to convey stories, make entertaining films, describe the working of machinery or process and so on.

In 3D computer made objects are able to move in 3D space. They can move and rotate like a real life 3D object.

2D animation VS 3D animation

The look and feel of 2D and 3D video is quite different. If you look at mainstream movies, some of the examples of 2D animated films are movies like Cinderella,The Lion King (1994), Mulan (1998) and The Little Mermaid are a few examples of 2D animated videos. While these 2D movies have been made using computers, some of the 2D movies of the older era like One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961) and Alice in Wonderland (1951) were made using classic cell techniques where each subsequent frame was drawn by hand to create the illusion of motion.

On the other hand, movies like Minions,Incredibles 2, Finding Doryand Frozen are examples of 3D animation.

The main difference between 2D and 3D is that in 2D animations elements can only be moved on the X axis or horizontally, to simulate forward or backward movements and on the Y axis vertically (on the Y axis) if we want them to move up or down.

In 3D objects can also be moved along the Z axis and the person sees it closer or further away.

To put it simply, 3D involves three dimensions X,Y and Z, while a 2D has only two dimensions X and Y.

The objects in a 2D are merely flat, such as a picture or a photograph. In 3D elements are like objects that we see in real life and they have a front, back, top and bottom. You can see them from any angle.

While the examples that we have referred to earlier were in the entertainment space. Nowadays 2D and 3D animation companies also cater a lot to the corporate sector. Businesses and corporations use the services of animations to educate, inform, make product demos, and convey the meaning of tough concepts in an easy manner. By seeing the examples below, you would be in a better position to understand the difference between a 2D animated video and 3D Animated video used in the corporate sector.

Example of 3D animation

The skill sets and software required to do 2D and 3D animation usually differ quite a lot.

While for making a 2D animation you usually require illustrators (to make the characters and backgrounds), animators, scriptwriters, voice over artists and video editors.

For making a 3D animation you require modelers (people who are expert at designing the model and mostly rigging them), people who are good in texturing and shading, lighting, expert compositors, animators, scriptwriters, voice over artists and video editors.

As you can see from the list the process of 3D animation is normally much more complex as compared to 2D. Besides this 3D animation can also take a lot of time and expense in rendering the video as it requires very fast and high end computers to do this. You may even need to take the services of cloud based render farms that can give you a much lesser render time.

Here is a good article that takes you through the entire 3D process- Besides 2D and 3D, animation styles also have sub -genres. Like 2D animation can be further broken into motion graphics and whiteboard.

Motion Graphics Animation

Motion graphics is a type of animation in which we add motion to elements that otherwise may have been used for still graphics. This kind of animation is used quite a lot by production companies for the corporate world to showcase their products and services.

Whiteboard Animation

Similarly white board refers to a style of animation in which usually illustrations are shown by drawing them on a white background. This style is also quite popular in the business world to showcase services, information and product details.

Top animators in India

So in a nutshell this is the story of animation in India and around the world. But the story of animation in India cannot be completed without knowing about the pioneers who have taken Indian Animation to the top. If you would also like to know about the top animators in India, who are the soul behind the rise of animation in India, do see this video that contains details about these pioneers and stalwarts in the field. Read the full review about us from

Top animators from India

Cartoon Network International

Cartoon Network Studios is a network of cartoon channels and animation studio battles a presence the world over. Besides the production of animation videos and animated movies, the company is a leading animation house and also distributes a number of animation channels specifically targeted at kids the world over. As far as children's animation is concerned Cartoon Network studios it's considered one of the best animation studios globally.

Dreamworks Animation Films

DreamWorks animation films is also a renown animation studio which has made movies and animated series like How to train your dragon, Madagascar, The boss baby, The rise of the guardians and many more. The animation company has also produced a number of Academy Awards winning motion picture like the 2016 film Trolls.

Walt Disney Company

Any list of powerful animation studios can ever be complete without mentioning the Walt Disney company. The company is considered as a pioneer in the animation field and has created lovable characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. The company also has a animation channel, The Disney channel.

Sony Pictures Animation

The company has movies like Hotel Transylvania and it's series, The Smurfs, Connected, Spiderman into the Spider Verse and Angry birds to its credit. Amongst other great and powerful animation studios we have animation companies Warner Bros, whose superhit television programs like Bugs Bunny and Looney Tunes have been a favorite for eons of children. If we move away from Hollywood studios, then we have Japanese giants like Nippon Animation and Studio Ghibi, who anime form of animation is know the world over.

Animation Studios in India

1. Video Explainer Mumbai Mumbai 2D animation / Motion graphics
2. AB studios Mumbai 2D animation
3. Tiara Motion Mumbai Motion Graphics
5. The Jigsaw Mumbai 2D animation / Motion Graphics / Illustrations
6. Prana Studios Mumbai Visual effects / CGI animation
7. Digitoonz Delhi 2D animation/Game design and development
8. Visual Connections Bangalore 2Danimation/3Danimation/visual effects
9. Citrus Inc Studios Delhi 2Danimation/3Danimation/visualeffections
10. Reliance animation Pune 2Danimation/3Danimation/Marketing
11. Best Studios Uttar Pradesh Promotional videos/ 2D animation/Illustration
12. Vibgyor360 Bangalore 3Danimation/3Dmodelling
13. Pitch Worx Haryana Animation and live videos
14. VFX India Bangalore 3Danimation/VFX/Motion graphics
15. Crest Animation Studios Ltd Mumbai 2Danimation/3Danimation/Marketing
16. Maya Entertainment Ltd Mumbai 2Danimation/3Danimation
17. Pentamedia Graphics Chennai 2Danimation/3Danimation/visual effects
18. Toonz Animation India Kerala 2Danimation/3Danimation/gaming content
19. UTV Toonz Mumbai 2Danimation
20. Heart Entertainment Limited Hyderabad 3Danimation
21. Parmalaya Telefilms Hyderabad 2Danimation
22. Reliance Media works Ltd Mumbai 2Danimation/3Danimation/visual effects
23. Ghost Animation Kolkata 2Danimation/3Danimation
24. Tasveerien Bangalore 2Danimation
25. Zoetrope Animation Studios Kolkata 3Danimation
26. Green Gold Animations Hyderabad Animated Films
27. Accel Animation Studios Chennai 2Danimation/3Danimation
28. Kinfra Film and Video Park Kerala IT animation and gaming
29. Aswaforce Ahmedabad 3Danimation/3Dmodelling
30. Bule Pappilions Bangalore Game art
31. Dhruva Interactive Bangalore
32. Juego Studios Bangalore 3DGame development
33. 5Elements Entertainment Chennai Visual effects
34. Firefly Creative Studio Chennai VFX projects
35. CLOUDZEE Animation and Research Pvt Ltd Bhubaneswar 3Danimation
36. Wackytoon Studo Pvt. Ltd Kolkata 2Danimation/Character design/ 3Danimation
37. EFFEX Studio Tamil Nadu VFX projects
38. Fameboxx Animation and Visual effects Kolkata Animation/VFX/Gaming/Motion Graphics
39. Parichay Animation Studio Guwahati 2Danimation/3Danimation/VFX
40. SVFX Animation Studio Pune Animated Video Production/motion graphics/Web development
41. Mayabious Art Kolkata 3Danimation
42. Twintoons Animation Studio Kolkata 2Danimation/3Danimation
43. Skylark Studio Kolkata
44. Digital Media Kolkata Animated Explainer video
45. VERVEON ANIMATION PVT LTD Kolkata Graphic design
46. PACAD Animation Studio Bhubaneswar 2Danimation/3Danimation/clay animation/visual effects
47. Genex Studio Pune 2Danimation/3Danimation/VFX
48. Pixelliod Studios Hyderabad 3Danimation/VFX/Gaming
49. Crazy Animation Kolkata 2Danimation
50. K A Production Kolkata 2Danimation
51. Mypromovideos Tamil Nadu Motion Graphics
52. Magic Spangle Studios Delhi 3Danimation
53. Wide Animation Studios Tamil Nadu 2Danimation/3Danimation/motion graphics
54. The Moving Pixels Kolkata 3Danimation/web development
55. Cerium Visual Effects Telangana Visual effects
56. IQ Animation Studio Mumbai 2Danimation/3Danimation
57. 3D Trix Bangalore Animation and Video Creations
58. SJ Design VFX and Animation Studio Nagpur
59. Studio15 Animation Film Production House Kolkata Feature Film VFX, Ad Film, CGI
60. BFX CGI Kolkata VFX / CGI animation
61. Talk Toon Animation Studio Kolkata
62. Unicorn Animation Studio Kalyani, West Bengal 3Danimation
63. Creative Things Animation Studio Kolkata 2Danimation
64. AATS Creation Kolkata
65. Virtualinfocom Kolkata Game art
66. Aninest Animation Studios Tamil Nadu 2Danimation/3Danimation
67. Anibrain Pune VFX projects
68. Lumicel Animation Studios Kerala 2Danimation
69. Cignesia Animations Pvt ltd Hyderabad 3Danimation
70. Studiotale Bengaluru 2Danimation
71. TAU Films India Pvt ltd Telangana
72. Chennai Animation Studio Chennai 2Danimation/3Danimation
73. 3D Labz Animation Kerala 3Danimation
74. Creative Splash Pune 3Danimation
75. AUM Animation Studios Mangalore
76. Edge VFX Studio Patna VFX projects
77. Sparky Entertainment Chennai 2Danimation/3Danimation
78. Blue Ribbon Ahmedabad 3Danimation
79. ToonOne Animation Studio Nagpur Animation/ Grapic Design
80. Nipuna Services Chennai
81. Double X Animation Studios Delhi 3D animations and visual effects
82. OneSetVisiom Delhi whiteboard animation
83. Titli Kids Delhi 3D animation
84. Ant Animation Studios Delhi 2D or 3D animation/GIF animation
85. Sky Angels Animation Studio Delhi 2D or 3D animation/Graphic Design
86. Digimonks Pvt ltd Delhi 2Danimation/3Danimation
87. Transpixel studio Delhi 2Danimation
88. PixAnime Delhi
89. Native Animation Pupets Bengaluru 2Danimation/3Danimation
90. Studio 56 Bengaluru 3D or a puppet animation
91. Animozione Pvt ltd Bengaluru 2Danimation/graphic design
92. Dreamz Image Animation Bengaluru 2Danimation/3Danimation
93. Rocket Science Animation Haryana 2Danimation/3Danimation
94. ArtEq Studio Haryana 2D/cartoon animation
95. I-C-E Studios Haryana 2D animation
96. SocioPixels Haryana animation explainer video for animation cartoon creation
97. Pradeep Animation House Haryana Animation/Motion Grapics
98. Charuvi Design Labs Delhi
99. Broadcast2World Haryana 3Danimation
100. Animation Zone India Haryana 2Danimation/motion graphics
101. The Next Design Haryana 3D product modelling
102. 3D Walkthrough Company Haryana 3D product modelling
103. Koncepts Animation Kolkata 3D animation
104. Hexcode Art Studios Kolkata Animation/graghic design