Video Production Companies in Mumbai

Video production companies are in the business of producing video content of all kinds. When you want to go from average to excellent, a video production company can help you with it. The digital platform has the power to create a great impact on the audience. With the busy schedule, it becomes tedious for the viewers to get into the whole content whereas; an animation is less time-consuming and easy to understand.

We are a video production company based in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. As a video production studio, we create content like high-quality videos and tailor-make them for the clients. We work as a video production agency that makes videos for ad films, explainer videos, product videos, insurance startups, SAAS companies, corporate films, financial services films, training films, and safety films. Besides this, we work as an advertising agency and offer services like social media marketing, digital marketing services, search engine optimization, direct marketing, website development, and associated works.

If you need high-quality video production or any of these services for your organization, then a video production company in Mumbai is the go-to brand. Our profile includes pre-production, production, and post-production services. With our excellent and well-skilled team, it becomes easy to create branded content that drives the attention of the audience and increases sales online. You can also check out our reviews on Google My Business.

As a production agency, quality is paramount to us and we are budget-friendly too!! After shooting the footage, we work on the flaws (if any). Provide you with fantastic final results which can help you grab the attention of your viewers. Your satisfaction is our goal. So, do contact us for all content creation productions services you require. Video Production Company in Mumbai is always at your service.

Now let us take you through the history of video production companies and also try to show you how a video production agency works. Although we are based in Mumbai, India, we are always ready to be of service anywhere in the world.

What exactly are video production services?

Production of video or creative content is a process of making content for TV, home, or the Internet. Video production is an umbrella term. It describes the content creation process for distribution formats like theatres, the Internet, television channels, or any format capable of relaying signals for end viewer consumption.

The advent of the Internet and specifically broadband connections have made it very fast, easy and affordable to distribute content. Broadband has resulted in a boom in the creation and consumption of video content.

Below are some stats that show the booming video production and consumption revolution.

The Future of video production

According to a Hubspot study, 81% of businesses use the services of video production companies. This is up from 63% over the last year.

Similarly, according to a Google report, 6 out of 10 people would rather watch online videos than television.

This has also resulted in mobile video consumption rising by 100 percent every year. The same thing has also been highlighted by the State of Marketing Report [2020 Version], conducted by Hubspot in 2020.

It is also estimated in a Cisco report that by 2022, online visual content will make up 82 percent of all consumer internet traffic.

So in a nutshell, video production content and consumption are booming. But when did it all start?

Why do you need a video for your business?

Over the years, producing a video has helped many firms and industries and not just the big ones but also these small businesses. This is the new and best form of advertising technique these days as people tend to interact more with them as compared to textual content or banners. People are generally attracted to a video and the content in it. There’s one more advantage about the production of such films is that a video works like a magnet on social media, once it is uploaded on any platform of social media, it will attract a number of people and will give a lot more customers than you expected. The infographics showed earlier clearly show the need for having video marketing in your marketing armory.

But How do you choose the right format and what are the various formats and options available?

What are the various video formats or types of videos?

There are many different types of video production styles. The most common include film and TV production, television commercials, web commercials, corporate films, product demos, customer testimonials, marketing films, event films, and wedding videos. A person filming a concert, or their child's band recital with a smartphone or camera for the sole purpose of capturing the memory would fall under the category of "home movies" and not under the category of production.

Mainly video production can be grouped in two clear categories depending on their production style.

1) Video that requires a shoot: Here the footage is shot and edited to create a storyline, documentary, testimonial, ad, or whatever the requirement of the client is. This would include a shoot, scripting, editing, text graphics, VFX, audio recording, dubbing, music, and so on. This is the most popular format and is used for films, television series, corporate video production, documentaries, music video, training films, and so on. This format is also used for a lot of user-generated content when people make short-form videos with their camera phones or similar devices.

2) Animated video: This is a format that is generally created on a computer and used to make animated films, video explainers, cartoons, animated product demos, and so on. Animated videos also have various sub formats like 2D animation video, 3D animation, motion graphics, whiteboard animation, stop motion animation, and so on. Animation is also a preferred format for digital marketing due to its lower cost of production and quick turnaround time. The advantage of animated videos is that they can be made at a relatively lower cost, can be a platform for creative ideas, and are customized to suit the target audience in a much easier way. You can read more about the types of animations by reading the following article.

Wht all is there in Video Production?

1. Pre-production

This is the planning stage. There is no recording during this process, it is just the preparation process where:

  • The idea is formed
  • The script is written
  • The cast is chosen
  • The technical and creative crew members are selected

Everything is organized in preparation for the recording process. Locations are selected, the script is edited, an overview of the entire process is created.

There are additional factors that must be taken into consideration as well. Proper lighting for each scene is important, sunlight and artificial lighting factors, time of the shoot, weather conditions, and location for each scene.

2. Production

For any professional video production agency, production is one of the most time-consuming aspects. Once all the cast and crew have been selected and hired, and the script has been edited and approved, the actual production process can begin. Crew and cast members all travel to each location, and each scene is shot until it is satisfactory. Then everyone will move to the next scene. This process repeats until every scene in the film has been shot. Once each scene has been properly shot, it's time to move on to the next stage of post-production.

3. Post-production

Post-production covers all actions that are performed after the actual shooting of the film has been completed. This includes merging each scene, syncing audio and visuals, and adding special effects.

Video Production Process for animation

Depending on the kind of animation is done and the client's requirement, this process may change.


This starts with an idea discussion with the client and the creative team and based on their discussion, the script is finalized and shown to the client for approval. Once the client approves the script the storyboarding is done. The storyboarding involves the creation of a pictorial representation of the script. This can be done in a sketch format or even using the actual assets that would be used like the characters, backgrounds, and other elements. The Pre-Production stage of the animation industry consists of creating animatics based on the storyboard. Animatics is a broad outline of the way the various elements will interact with the environment or each other. It tries to show the movement being used in the animation in a rough format to give an idea about how the final animation will look. It is similar to the animation but with missing parts. For example, a person may be shown running, but only the start and end of the characters run may be shown or the way the character will turn their body maybe show. You can see the showreel below for an idea about the animatics. The Fisherman - Storyboard animatic/Storyboard reel.

Video production company

For animation production usually the production and post-production stages are combined. As there are no actors or scenes to shoot. This is the stage where the actual work starts on the animation. Depending on the kind of animation required it will include creating or collating models, characters, elements, lighting, texturing, rigging, voice-over, music, the actual animation done on software like Adobe Animate, Blender, After Effects, Maya, Max, and so on. This is the stage when the actual animation is brought to life by artists using special high-end computers, software, and other tools. Usually, this is the longest stage in the video production process. This phase will also include the final rendering of the animation. This is the act of getting the video ready by integrating all the elements together and getting all the scenes ready. This process can take a long time, especially for 3D animation, and requires serious computing power. After the render process, the scenes are stitched together and audio is finalized on editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Avid, or similar software.

Various Elements in video production

There are many elements in production like cinematography, lighting, color grading, VFX, sound, video editing, etc. Let’s discuss them in detail:

Cinematography: Cinematography is the art of motion-picture photography and filming, either technically by an image sensor, or chemically by a light-sensitive material such as film stock.

Lighting: This is one of the most important factors for making the video to be a good one. Of course, daylighting is the best but it is not always feasible to go for that, as daylight is not always available and some scenes ought to be done in the nighttime where artificial lighting is used.

Color Grading: Color grading is how you enhance or alter the color of a motion picture, footage, or still image. It's how editors adjust the colors of their footage to achieve a visual mood or tone. Color grading was once called color timing, a process done manually while developing actual film.

VFX: Visual effects are the process by which imagery is created or manipulated outside the context of a live-action shot in filmmaking and video production. The integration of live-action footage and CG elements to create realistic imagery is called VFX.

Sound: Obviously sound is much more than adding background music. It is about layering and cutting down background noises, labeling the voice, echo and pitch, and a lot of other factors.

Video editing: Cropping and masking the video, cuts, trims, slots, effects, animations, graphics, compilation, everything falls under this category.

Now let’s talk about some excellent production companies around the globe;

How to identify Good Video Production Companies and why to choose us

There could be many strategic video communications agencies like us, in the market. And all of them (including us 😊 ) claim to be the best but before choosing one, you should take into consideration these things:

Past Work :

You can start by checking out the kind of work that has been done by the agency in the past. If you are a marketing director or marketing manager, then your goals and target audience would likely decide the kind or style of animation that you want. Besides checking the agency's work you can also share your references so that the video production companies are able to understand your thought process.

Also, do remember the final medium of distribution of the video. This may be decided by your target audience and your marketing strategy. For example, if you plan to distribute the content via the digital space, your digital marketing efforts could include platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram. Your video production has to be done keeping this in mind. The kind of video and even the size and orientation (vertical or horizontal) will be different for Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Hence the mandate to the video production firm has to be very clear in this respect.

Understand the Production Process :

It is very essential to understand the production process. For any kind of video normally the start would be the sending of a questionnaire to the client asking for specific details of their requirement. After understanding the client's requirement, the top video production agencies would share a draft script with the client, for their approval. In cases of animation the video production company is likely to create a visual storyboard for the client to see and approve. Normally the best video production companies, have a limit on the number of iterations that they allow on the script, the storyboard, and the final video. Hence it is advisable for the client to check in advance what these limits could be. The production process could also involve telling the client about the requirements that the video production company could have before the start of the project. Such requirements could include style sheets from the client, in case of a shoot it could also include a recce or photograph of the shooting location and so on.

The Turnaround Time :

Understanding the turnaround time to complete the project is also an essential part of the video production process. As a client you need to be very clear in specifying the deadlines that you require the completed project to comply with. The kind of turn around time that is required for the project will depend on the complexity of the project. For example 2D animation project with lesser number of elements, will take considerably less time, than a 3D animation project with the same number of elements. Similarly if it is a project that requires shoot, then the number of days of shoot would significantly impact the turn around time. It is also advisable that while you create video content that requires a shoot or even if it is an animated explainer video, you need to give the agency adequate time to come out with a good quality product. If the timelines are short the agency and you pressure the agency in delivering the product at the earliest, chances are that the agency would not be in a position to deliver the best output.

While these are some things that you can take care of while choosing a video production agency or video production company for your project. Here are some more things that you need to take care of once you have chosen the agency for your video production.

Script and your goals :

While starting the video production Please ensure that the script meats all your marketing goals or any other goals that you may have. Since the scripting pills, the base of the movie spending some time on it would be the right thing to do.

Music :

While often we take a lot of time on deciding the kind of visuals we want, the kind of music that you want is often forgotten. Depending on the kind of video that you are developing the choice of music would be essential to the impact it makes. For example, a promotional video would have a very different kind of music than a corporate film. Or an explainer video could have music that is totally different from a CSR film or safety film. While choosing the music you could have a couple of options. If your video production it's being done on a tight budget, it would be advisable to choose royalty-free music which is available at lower costs or even free. If you have a budget that permits expenditure on composing music then getting a music composed for your video production would be ideal. The kind of music you choose could also depend on your marketing strategy or the cinematic production value of the video. For granted videos, you could also have a specific style that you have to follow. Some companies also have a signature video group that has to be followed during the selection of visuals and music.

Voice over :

For any kind of video production service, the quality of the voice-over is also a deal maker. All the good video production companies, word always insist on using a good quality voice-over artist. The artist has to have a good base and diction. The voice-over depends on the kind of video that is being made. Animated videos and corporate videos normally differ in voice-over styles. The usage of a male or female voice over artist it's totally a preference that is personal to the company or the corporate getting the video made.

So now that you have a idea on selecting the right video production agency for your needs, it is time to see some of the best video production companies. Below is a list of such companies that you can check out.

Top Video Production Companies in Mumbai and nearby in 2024

Now, talking about some good corporate video production company, Here are some suggestions:

1. Video explainer Pune:

They are a Pune centric company and specialize in video explainers, animation, live streaming and video production of all kinds. They are one of the top video production companies. They are also into industrial photography.

2.The Jigsaw Productions:

The Jigsaw is one of the top production companies in Mumbai. The company has been in the business of production for about 15 years and has opened its animation studio about ten years back. They are also into explainer videos, tailor-made videos, and corporate photography.

3 . What A story:

It is one of the corporate video production agencies based in Hyderabad and provides some services like Explainers, Product Demos, Corporate Films, and Commercials.

4 . Motion Gility:

They are based in Indore and mainly provide explainer creating services and video production services. They also do editing for commercial films.

5. Transpixel studio:

A Delhi-based video production agency that provides explainer video animation and similar offerings.

6. Mypromovideos:

This is a production company based in Coimbatore based company and specializes in animation services like explainer video, 2D animation, and social media marketing videos.

So as you can see video production has had a very long history, involves a lot of effort, and takes a very long time. So next time you see any TV series, movie, 2D animation, 3D animation, or any short format film that has been professionally shot, please try to imagine the hard work and time that the video making has taken. If you have any other questions about video production or production companies in Mumbai, then please feel free to call us, email us or even chat with us and we will try our best to answer you.