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You have organized a great training session with one of the best and most expensive trainers in the field. The trainer comes and gives a fabulous training session and helps you enhance productivity. All your current employees and managers have increased their efficiency and are doing their best.

You are happy. But suddenly some of your best people who had attended the training decide to leave. You have to hire new people, but new people are not trained, so your work starts to suffer again.

So what do you do? You cannot stop people from leaving with the training for which your company had paid a fabulous amount. But what you can do, is that while the training is being conducted, you could have recorded the entire thing on video, got it edited, included graphics and got an excellent training film made. The film would have become your property, and you could have used it to train new people, and the training film could also have acted as a refresher for the employees who had already taken the training.

So if you too believe in training employees, have an induction process in place that requires new training to be done at every induction, then why don’t you think of getting a training film made. It would be a onetime investment but would recover its cost many times over by being used to train your new employees or even remind the older ones of the things that they had learnt.

Training films, safety films, films on risk mitigation, and any other kind of movie that can be used to re-enforce ideas, processes, and culture of the company can be a good investment. If you want to know more about how such Video Films can help your organization, then do call us and speak to our training film experts.

What is a Training Video?

Effective training videos are intended to teach a skill or knowledge. An instructional video demonstrates a particular method or skill. Videos can be used to educate employees about their tasks, comply with regulations, or educate software users.

Training videos are a training method used in education, training and software creation. It is used as an alternative to training manuals or classroom training. Training videos provide the training material directly to trainees in a clear format that produces results faster.

Training videos are used in training software, engineering, medical, transport, chemical and all kinds of industries. These training videos are a low cost training alternative to classroom based training. The video is viewed by the participants at their own pace, until they have reached a satisfactory level of understanding on the topic covered.

Training videos are a training method that provides the training material directly to trainees in a clear format. This is a training method that produces results faster than training manuals or classroom training.

Now days technical quality of videos has also become an important parameter in the production of training videos. People prefer seeing HD video and in fact increasingly 4K or Ultra HD video is also becoming the format of choice for a lot of visitors.

Why create Training Videos?

Videos are great for how-tos and training, video is the perfect medium because it combines showing and telling. Furthermore, videos are by nature more engaging than text-only materials.

It's worth considering. If you were to choose between reading 10 pages of black and white instructions or watching a video that shows you exactly how to do something, which would you choose?

There are a few key benefits you can derive from producing videos this year. If you're still not convinced, here are a few:

  • Promote your website by driving traffic to it
  • Help in learning things on tight deadlines
  • Search engine results should be improved
  • Videos increase work productivity
  • You'll be able to relieve your technical support staff of burden
  • Customer satisfaction can be improved
  • Customer and user experience that is smarter
  • Reduce training costs
  • Business growth
  • Increase retention of business

Types of Training Videos

The type of training videos that you also depend on the learning objective, the project scope and the kind of budget you have. If quality is important and you are on a tight deadline then hiring a production company could make sense. But if you are in short supply of these elements then even basic video animation software can help you in making such videos.

1) Instructor-Led Video / Presenter video

Such instructor-led video are in-person training is simply transcribed into video. A virtual audience hears a presenter on screen. The instructor's head can be seen on screen when these videos are playing, so they are sometimes called "talking head videos."

Look at Skillshare, SlideShare, Coursera, linkedin Learning, Udemy and Edx for examples of video training. Instructor-led videos are heavily incorporated into these video-based courses and often come in form of video tutorials.

2) Screen capture video

Typically, software tutorials and demos include videos of screen recordings. The learner will be guided through a set of tasks with a voiceover narration on screen capture videos.

The videos are incredibly effective and are used by a number of companies and sectors to help customers or even employees become more familiar with their programs.

3) How to or demo videos / Product Training videos

As the name suggests these are video demonstrations of how to accomplish a task or guidance on how to complete a process. Demonstration videos are also known as instructional videos. YouTube often has how-to videos showing the exact steps to follow, in which the instructor explains everything. As far as the duration is concerned such videos can be 10-minute video, 5-minute video or even 15-30 minutes long. Normally longer videos are divided into multiple part series, for example an hour long video may be divided into 10-part video series.

Observing the process and attempting to replicate it in their own experience constitutes learning. How-to videos might include "How to photography products" or "How to create a DIY lighting setup"

4) Animated training videos

Animated visuals are used in these animated training videos. Explaining complex processes, ideas, and data is easy with them. such videos are normally shorter videos and are used as corporate training video, informative videos, product training videos and also as video tutorials.

While animated videos can also be made from video template, mostly they are made by professional video production agencies as they take a higher degree of skillsets to produce and maybe difficult to make on tight deadlines.

Animations are used to create visual-engaging learning experiences, using text, icons, and graphics. Animated videos can be motion graphics, 2D animation or 3D animation.

5) Interactive video

This type of training videos are one of the most effective training video formats. Interactive videos provide a fun way to learn. In these videos, learners watch a small clip and must choose which path to follow next since they are most effective as scenarios. Many times corporate training videos are of this type.

Despite the fact that they often require extra time to make, interactive video is the most engaging because they require learners to actively engage and test their knowledge.

6) Employee-created video

By interacting with our peers, we learn more effectively. Your employees can create training videos as part of their job responsibilities.

Using this method helps you leverage the knowledge of your experts and disseminate it throughout the entire organization. Additionally, employees can use video footage to practice the skills they have learned. Such videos allow the viewers to take informed decisions. They are often uploaded on Learning Management Systems online platform of the company and are often designed by an instructional designer.

7) Role play

Using role play videos viewers are able to see how specific interactions should take place by acting out a scenario. Viewers can learn how to handle things such as tele-calling, medical training, sales calls, technical support processes, and other interactions through these videos.

This format helps the audience picture real-life situations since it requires some acting on the part of the trainer. If you're training soft skills, this could be the best choice.

Uses of Training Video

Use of Training Videos in the software industry

Video training in the software industry involves using training videos to demonstrate how products are used. These training videos show both technical and non-technical users of the product how to use it efficiently and effectively, improving productivity. The training video is created by recording a user demonstrating the process or task as if they were training others on the job site. Video training can show software training in all phases of software training: training new employees on how to use the product, training current users on the updates to the program, and training end-users or customers about a new release.

Use of Training Videos in the engineering industry

Engineering training videos are used to train employees in the operation and maintenance of machinery. They are usually one or two hours long training videos that can be viewed by a group or an individual. Maintenance training often involves complex procedures and sequences, requiring several training videos with detailed instructions so that operators will learn how to properly operate machinery. Such videos can be used to answer complex questions of the trainees in a controlled environment.

In short training videos are of may types and many technical formats (like SD, HD video, Ultra HD Video), are used by many kind of industries and can be made by individuals and professionals (depending up on the scale and complexity). Many times training videos, specifically safety videos are also a part of mandatory training videos requirement of many companies.

Use of Training Videos in the safety industry

Safety is one area where besides physical training video based training or virtual training is used extensively. This is done for compliance with safety norms and also because it may always not be possible to physically create the conditions where in the training can place. In emergency situation or any stressful situations, it is imperative to be ready to deal with anything and safety training videos allow us to do just that. Simulation if often done using video animation software and learning objective can be accomplished without putting anyone in any kind of danger.

Equipment for Video Production

So you have decided to go on your own and make a training video. So what are the kind of equipment's that you may need?

  • HD video camera or maybe even UHD camera
  • Tripod
  • Basic lighting kit
  • Lavalier microphone or USB condenser microphone
  • Video editing software like Adobe Premier Pro or FCP
  • Video animation software like Adobe After Effects / Animate / Toon boom studio

A wide range of price and quality options are available for equipment. You should know the type of video you wish to create before purchasing these items.

As an example, you don't need a video camera if you're creating an animated training video. In order to record a voiceover, you must have a USB condenser microphone.

So whatever be your need, whatever format you may require, we are there to assist you in every way possible. If you want to know more about training videos or want to get one made, do call, message or WhatsApp us.

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