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We specialize in bringing your corporate narrative to life through cinematic excellence, capturing the essence of your brand with unparalleled storytelling expertise.

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Thee Jigsaw

Corporate Video Production Company Mumbai

We are 360 degree video production company based in Mumbai, that is passionate about its role as one of the best corporate video makers. But let's start by understanding what corporate videos are and why they are important in a company's journey.

Corporate Video Production

We believe that in the world of corporate video production, every company has a story to tell, and every story needs to be told in a manner that resonates with their audience. Whether it's a video to share with their employees, a video to share with their customers, a video to introduce their brand, or a video to show their shareholders, all of these stories should be told in the most compelling way possible. And one of the best ways to do this is through corporate film, products demo videos and advertisement films. If you are a company based in Mumbai or for that matter in India or even internationally, we are sure that we would be able to enhance your business presentation videos.

Corporate Video Production

Corporate videos are the best way to attract your audience's attention and explain your point. THE JIGSAW, MUMBAI, was established by a group of experts in video production, is a professional corporate video production company based in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. We take projects on an turn key basis as well as la carte basis. As video makers in Mumbai, India, we have a large pool of talented creative and technical professionals. We are confident that we will be of great assistance to you in your business acquisition and new lead generation process.

Corporate Video Production

Why do you require corporate videos?

Corporate videos are a wonderful way to introduce your company to clients, partners, and potential hires. They can be a vital part of your marketing strategy to promote your company's culture, products, and services.

Corporate Video Production

The engagement of your audience through corporate videos is one of the many aspects that play a key role in the current context of the digital revolution in achieving short- and long-term goals. Corporate films or videos as they are often called, can form an important part of the brand and messaging strategy. It can be used to convey the essence of the brand, its business expertise, USP, benefits to customers, testimonials and so on.

Corporate Video Production

Another important reason for opting for video production services is that in today's Internet driven digital world, having the right kind of content to share is essential. While earlier this was done by printed company profiles, now this role has been taken over by corporate films.

In today's corporate world, with digital marketing and video marketing ruling the roost, other kinds of video production services like business videos, animation videos, training videos or training films, explainer videos, television commercials, ad films, product videos, and similar video offerings can lead to greater recall value and happy customers.

Corporate Video Production

What should a corporate video have? Or What are the essential ingredients?

Well, while having a professional team with extensive experience, good technical standards, good background music, and the voiceover is of the utmost importance, we would not be talking much about these things as this would be essential for any creative process, and companies normally are aware of such general guidelines. We will talk about the things that can be easily overlooked, but they will decide whether a film is good or great.

Corporate Video Production

1. Corporate films must have a clear target audience

A well-crafted video made by corporate filmmakers like us can attract and retain customer attention. The success of videos on YouTube and Google demonstrates this very clearly. The goal of making any company that is engaged in video production should be to create videos with a clear eye on the target audience. For example, video content done for recruiting talent would be quite different from a video that is made with the purpose of attracting investors.

While the recruitment video will have a creative process that informs the audience about the fantastic opportunity that a candidate may have if they join the company, on the other hand, a video made for investors would have details like the experience of the management, the company's present financial success, and its future road map.

So, a corporate film should be specifically tailored to the viewers.

2. The corporate film should have style uniformity

The film should follow a style guide or pattern that is consistent. By this, we mean that the colors, fonts (for text), graphics, transitions, interview backgrounds, music, and all the ingredients used by the filmmakers should be of a uniform pattern.

Corporate Video Production

Different mediums mean different video production requirements

Another thing that is truly relevant today is that corporate films should have various versions that fit the distribution medium. In the digital world, there are various distribution mediums like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, and so on, and each has a different resolution, file size, and orientation requirement. So, when you are getting a corporate film made, you should have clarity in which you would use mediums, and the video production agency should be made aware at the very onset of this. This is required as they may have to shoot and edit in a specific way for this, which would affect the budget.

Corporate Video Production

What is the process that the corporate filmmakers use?

Making a corporate film requires expertise in a lot of different domains. The process starts with understanding the client’s brief. Usually, this is done by a team of analysts, writers, and directors. Once they understand the corporate film brief, then they brainstorm various ideas and present it to the client. Upon approval of the client on a specific brief, the scripting for the corporate video starts.

Corporate Video Production

Once we receive the client’s approval on the corporate film script, we start work on the post-production. This process involves finalizing the location, and video-shoot dates, getting all the required equipment ready for the shoot, and taking care of the lodging, boarding, and travel requirements for the crew, who all are going to be responsible for the corporate video shoot.

The director and writer may together plan the required shots to be taken and also take a look for any other requirements that may be essential for the shoot. Then go ahead to start the corporate video shoot according to the script.

Corporate Video Production

After the corporate video shoot is completed, the postproduction takes place. In the postproduction process for the corporate film, the editing, VFX, text graphics, voice-over, and color grading of the corporate film are done. Briefly, these are the various steps and processes that are required in making a corporate film. It involves creative and technical people and may take anywhere between one week to a month to complete the corporate film.

Corporate Video Production

We at The Jigsaw have a huge talent pool of directors, directors of photography, light technicians, editors, drone operators, and other creative and technical people required for completing the corporate video production. You can have a look at a humorous take on our video production process by going to the animation video prepared in video production by our animation studio.

Here at The Jigsaw, Mumbai, our mission is to understand your concept and transform them into a video that showcases your company’s work. Our team quickly does corporate video production as they are professionals who have been associated with leading television channels and production companies from all over India.

Jigsaw has been involved in corporate video production for big brands like Tata AIG, Nokia, Vodafone, Future Group, Gujarat Gas, SBI, and many more recognized brands.

The concept is the most important aspect of making corporate films. The concept and philosophy should go hand in hand so that the intention for which the video is produced will be crystal clear. Similar to that canvas painting, a corporate movie or advertisement movie must be more creative and not mechanical.

There are many corporate film-making companies in Mumbai, that can shoot as well as edit a corporate film, but transforming it into an art piece requires some special abilities, and this is what The Jigsaw – Corporate Video Production Company, Mumbai, promises to deliver you.

The team of The Jigsaw is always updated with new technology, and we use them in videos. We are always ready to work with new clients and give them fruitful results. So why wait? Contact us and let us discuss how we can assist you in your business goals with great corporate videos.

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Corporate Films Made By Us

*For any more samples of our work do Call us or send us a Mail, as very few of our samples have been showcased here

So if you are looking for a corporate movie then do get in touch with us. We can produce any of the following options mentioned below:

  • Corporate Film/ Corporate Video/ Corporate AV
  • Skills Enhancement Training Film
  • Market Listing and IPO Film
  • Trade Show Exposition Film
  • Film on Company's History/ Background/ Milestones
  • Promotional Film
  • Induction Program Film
  • Motivational Film
  • Internal Communication Corporate Films
  • Corporate Identity Film
  • Product Information Film
  • Product Launch Film
  • Technical Support and Self- Help Film
  • Company Policy Film
  • Educational Film
  • Trade Show Exposition Film
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