Story Behind The Logos Of Top Animation Studios

The story behind the logos of top animation studios 

Walt Disney Animation Studios 

Walt Disney Animation Studios logo-top-animation-studio

The Walt Disney Animation Studios (WDAS), or Disney Animation, is an American animation studio that produces animated features and short films for The Walt Disney Company. The company’s animation production logo is a scene from the first sound cartoon, Steamboat Willie, released on October 16, 1923, by brothers Walt Disney and Roy O. Disney.

Disney is the world’s longest-running animation studio. Walt Disney Productions, which had grown from a single animation studio to a global transmission firm, was renamed in 1986 as part of a significant company restructure.

The Walt Disney Company and the animation company Walt Disney Feature Animation were created to distinguish it from the other divisions. The Walt Disney brand encapsulates the wonder of this beautiful creation. Since 1923, Disney has expanded beyond cinema and television to include theme parks and retail.

The Walt Disney business brand represents the thrill and creativity that both children and adults are capable of. 

DreamWorks Animation 


The company was established in 1994, while its initial motion picture, Antz, was free in 1998. Even though the DreamWorks Animation logo has undergone at least five changes, there has been little consistency. Even if you look at the earliest logo, you’ll notice the familiar serif face with quite a severe lettering. The widths of the letters’ strokes vary considerably, resulting in a magnificent and delicate design.

According to Time magazine, one of the three main founders, Steven Spielberg, had a long-term intention to create a picture of human fishing from the moon. Artist Henry Martyn Robert Hunt created many versions. The artist wore a little boy (the creative person used his son as a model).

This was the version that Steven Spielberg preferred the most. At ILM, a motion version was created utilizing computer-generated imagery. The writing “Animation SKG” vanished entirely. The DreamWorks Animation logo on the current website is very similar to the one from 2016. However, if you look closely, you’ll find that it’s been somewhat updated.

To begin with, the image within has become more significant than the circle. One of the boy’s feet now contacts the border, whereas there was a blue space in the previous logo between the foot and the border. 

When you compare the two versions side by side, you’ll note that his position has changed slightly. 

There is nothing but the inscription “DreamWorks Animation” written in two lines in this version. This is because DreamWorks Animation SKG began using an on-screen logo in 2004. This was previously the famous insignia, which depicted a boy fishing while seated on a crescent moon. 

Studio Ghibli 

Studio Ghibli logo

Studio Ghibli is now regarded as one of the most well-known Japanese animation studios in the world. Hayao Miyazaki designed the Studio Ghibli logo from 1985 until 1991. At this point now time nobody thought that Studio Ghibli would significantly create it massive, but this was before the film that created their brand was created. 

They soon become extremely acclaimed as literary movies, inflicting them to achieve quality. Alongside the flicks, the corporate started turning into a family name through selling, specifically Totoro. From luggage to stuffed toys, the character was admired by everybody. 

In the following year, the film Kiki’s Delivery Service came out with a pair of.64 million individuals came to the stage and became the No.1 hit. This brand was created in hopes of each attractiveness to the western and Japanese audience, which because thanks to the fact that it had been multilingual. 

Throughout the many years, there have been 2 different completely different} variants utilized in different movies and products, as you’ll see on top of, that were the red and the white backgrounds. Otherwise, from 1991 to – present, the logo has not been modified. So, as a result, this has become a universal logo that’s recognized in most countries. 

Blue Sky Studios 

Blue Sky Studios logo

Not to be confused with blue Natural Soda. Once blue Studios was founded in 1987, its brand had a blue crayon scribble. The blue crayon scribbling was replaced in 2005 with a blue oval. This logo first appeared in Robots on March 11, 2005, and was most recently featured in Epic trailers.

The blue oval was removed in 2013, and the font was somewhat altered; the word “Blue” was light blue, while the word “Sky” was royal blue. This logo first appeared in Epic in 2013, and it was most recently shown in Spies in Disguise. 

On February nine, 2021, the moviemaker proclaimed that Blue Studios would be close. The studio officially ceased operations on April 7, 2021, with co-founder Chris Wedge confirming the closure in a very farewell message announced across social media. The company’s 450 staff would also have to figure at Walt Disney Animation Studios or Pixar Animation Studios. 

Nickelodeon Animation Studios 

Nickelodeon Animation Studios

Nickelodeon Animation Studios (also called “Nicktoons Productions”), the animation unit of nickelodeon, was established by Games Animation in 1990 to provide animated TV shows referred to as Nicktoons for nickelodeon and Nicktoons Network. 

1st logo: A nickelodeon logo that resembles an orange haystack is often seen on a black background. 

2nd LOGO: we tend to see the logo splat brand; however, reading “NICKTOONS” on a black BG (although typically it reads “NICKELODEON” and is stretched more). 

3rd logo: On a white background, an orange ball of slime bounces on a trampoline (which features a sky-blue pad, grey supports, and orange rimming) three times, with every bounce manufacturing three orange pulses. The camera shifts around it additionally, showing a blue “sky” in brief. The blob flies towards the screen after the third bounce because “NICKELODEON” appears on it, and the blob continues to wave as “A” and “PRODUCTION” appear letter by letter in orange. Four translucent orange rings pulse out of the lower right corner as the blob stops waving, becomes 2D, and changes shape before switching to the show. 

4th brand: Same as the first LOGO. 

The logo of nickelodeon Animation Studios didn’t change ever since! 

So that was all about the story behind the logos of top animation studios. To get more interesting articles, do visit our official website! 

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