Top 10 DSLR Cameras Under 35000 Rupees

If you practically have no idea about the pricing of DSLR cameras as a beginner, this might just be the right article for you. Purchasing a DSLR camera will probably get you distracted with technicalities and details. Let this help you find your ideal camera under the given budget.

Nikon D5600

Nikon D5600  DSLR camera

For starters, the Nikon d5600 is within the given budget of Rs. 35000. It is a go-to camera for both beginners and professionals. With more than 90% frame coverage, this has one of the best optical viewfinders. 


  • 820 shots, great battery life
  • Outstanding image quality
  • Snapbridge for image transfer 
  • Lightweight 
  • Excellent inbuilt flash


  • No USB charging, no GPS, no headphone jack 
  • Bad autofocus 
  • No aperture control for video filming

FujiFilm X-T100

FujiFilm X-T100 Camera

Fujifilm X-T100 is one of those ideal cameras for beginners under rupees 35000. This camera lets you record your day through photography. Apart from the stunning visual, the camera comprises a 24.2 MP APS-C sensor for filming objects.


  • 430 shots battery life
  • USB charging
  • Low noise at high ISO
  • Lightweight and small
  • Outstanding picture quality


  • Unreliable face detection 
  • Not a good option for making videos
  • Bad autofocus on subjects in motion

Sony Alpha 5100I

Sony Alpha 5100I Camera

Sony Alpha 5100I is a mirrorless DSLR greatly used for recording moving objects without a problem. The great FOV and 179 focus points of the camera make it easier to sense the objects. 


  • Sharp quality images and videos
  • 180°3” touchscreen display
  • 24.3 MP Exmor APS-C CMOS sensor
  • BIONZ XTM engine
  • Compact size


  • Slighter lens availability 
  • No more than 4m flash range
  • No external flash shoe

Nikon D5300

Nikon D5300 Camera

Nikon D5300 is another hit gadget under Rs. 35000, which apparently is one the best DSLRs available on the market. It has a body of polycarbonate making it lightweight yet strong. 


  • Works amazing in low light conditions 
  • No anti-aliasing filter 
  • High-Resolution sensor with outstanding performance 
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi and GPS
  • Time-lapse filming
  • EXPEED 4 processor 
  • High-res vari-angle display 


  • No recording option with Wi-Fi remote app
  • Special effects in JPEG only
  • Burst mode slows down with 14-bit RAW files

Canon M100

Canon M100 Camera

Canon M100 is another idealistic camera for beginners to evaluate their photography skills. It is a mirrorless digital camera that guides you through the variant settings.  The inbuilt Bluetooth is another feature that makes the camera efficient. 


  • Excellent image quality
  • Fast responsive touchscreen display
  • A budget camera under Rs. 35000
  • Digital video stabilisation and Dual-Pixel AF system
  • Easy to carry and lightweight 
  • Precisely focused HD videos 
  • Built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC
  • Popup flash


  • No 4k video support
  • No USB charging option 
  • Weak subject tracking while burst shooting 

Canon EOS 1300D

Canon EOS 1300D Camera

If your budget is tight and wants to use the camera for normal daily life photography then this DSLR is just for you. Canon EOS 1300D has its main feature comprising Wi-Fi and NFC. You can get an additional lens which will cost you around 3000 to 6000 rupees.


  • In-built Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity
  • 18.54 sensor pixel area
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Offers a 16 GB card
  • 18 MP APS-C CMOS sensor and DIGIC 4+
  •  AE Bracketing for tough lighting conditions and HDR 


  • Image can get noisier above ISO 1500
  • Its burst mode (3 fps) is wanting 

Nikon D3400

Nikon D3400 Camera

Nikon D3400 is absolutely eligible for new photographers in the field. Although D3500 has succeeded most of the features then this camera yet it is a good purchase under Rs. 35000. Over the years it has evolved with the features of Snapbridge support and better battery life.


  • Snapbridge support for file transfer
  • Offers a guide mod for beginners
  • Control with wireless remote
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Extended battery life up to 1200 shots
  • One of the best options for a DSLR camera under Rs. 35000


  • No attached Aperture and ISO buttons
  • No external microphone port

Canon 1500D

Canon 1500D Camera

As the evolution of smartphones proceeds to offer new features and outstanding recording quality, the market for DSLR has to get a grasp. Canon is one of the biggest brands in the market for DSLR cameras, that has come out with the 1500D that pretty much has the visuals of the 1300D camera.


  • Provides dual lens
  • Built-in flash and Wi-Fi NFC connectivity
  • Extended battery life up to 500 shots and external flash shoe
  • AE Bracketing for tough lighting conditions
  • DIGIC 4+ new processor
  • Raw support and face detection focus


  • No microphone port
  • No Bluetooth and smartphone remote control
  • No support for UHS memory card

Nikon D3500

Nikon D3500 Camera

Although it is not extendedly enriched, Nikon D3500 is possibly one of the best entry-level DSLR cameras on the demand today. This camera is an improvement of the D2400 camera and succeeds at an acceptable cost. It has amazing visuals, delivers outstanding pictures, and is idealistic for learners.


  • Provided with dual lens
  • Delivers excellent image quality
  • EXPEED 4 processor 
  • Snapbridge support for image transfer
  • Extended battery life that lives up to 1150 shots
  • Provides new guide mod for beginners


  • No Wi-Fi, NFC connectivity and microphone port

Canon PowerShot SX450HS 

Canon PowerShot SX450HS  Camera

PowerShot SX540HS is a reasonable range DSLR camera with an elevated resolution picture sensor, a rapid image processor and modifications to video recording. The all-around visual of this camera is similar to its antecedents. This camera is easy to handle with basic controls and a powerful zoom lens.


  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity
  • HD video resolution
  • DIGIC 6 processor
  • ISO sensitivity range of 80 to 3200
  • 3MP APS-C CMOS sensor
  • 20.3 MP optical sensor resolution


  • Battery life is only capable of up to 205 shots
  • Unavailability of a touchscreen display
  • No inbuilt viewfinder, external flash shoe, and articulating screen
  • Incapable of panorama recording 

This was all for your list of top 10 DSLR cameras in 2021. You can purchase any of these cameras if you have a tight budget. As far as the price is concerned, the features of these cameras are as good as any expensive DSLR camera. 

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