Stop Motion Photography

Stop Motion Photography & Top 10 Stop Motion Photography Examples

What is Stop Motion Photography? 

Stop motion is an animated filmmaking technique. In this technique, the objects are physically transformed in small increments between individual collected frames such that when the sequence of frames is played back, they appear to display independent motion or change. 

In simpler terms, stop motion photography is the same thing that we do, but in stop motion photography, one image is shot then, the subject is moved, then another image is shot, and the subject is moved again. When all of those photos are edited into a continuous video, the motion comes together. 

Creating a stop motion animation can demand a large number of stills. As a general rule, 10 to 15 shots per 1 second of video–roughly 300 photos for a 30-second clip, are taken.  

There are a few types of Stop Motion Photography, they are: 

  • Object-Motion — moving or animating objects 
  • Claymation — moving clay 
  • Pixilation — moving or animating people 
  • Cut-out-Motion — moving paper/2D material 
  • Puppet Animation — moving puppets 
  • Silhouette Animation — backlighting cutouts  

Object Motion 

Object Motion is also known as Object Animation, and it is just the movement of objects in each frame. Here you can independently show whatever you want because you can utilize any of the objects around you to construct stories; the possibilities are endless. 

Clay Motion 

Claymation is a technique that includes changing clay pieces in each frame. You can get clever and creative with the characters we see on film using wires and clay.  

Pixilation Stop Motion 

It is not used much frequently for obvious reasons as this technique requires a lot of patience and time. It takes a long time, so the level of patience required of an actor to move just a centimetre or millimetre per frame is quite challenging. As well as the number of frames required will only test their patience. 

The degree to which they have control over their movements is also a consideration. However, if done correctly, this gives a great Stop Motion film as an output. 

Cutout Animation 

Cutout Animation is amazing because there are so many things you can do with cutouts. Now that we know what Stop Motion Photography is let us explore the top 10 stop motion Photography examples. Although 2D pieces of paper appear lifeless, they may be coloured and sliced to show a depth of detail unmatched by any other approach. It is also a lot more regulated because you can use your cutouts and your self-designed ideas. 

Puppet Animation 

Using puppets in stop motion photography is a cool idea, but it can also create small- little troubles for you while dealing with many strings in the shot. Stop motion animators that have done it before should have no trouble with it, although they may not be the best people to work with at first. These are puppets traditionally. 

Silhouette Stop Motion 

Silhouette Stop Motion Photography is done by placing the objects or performers behind a thin white sheet or blanket and illuminating their shadow on the sheet with a backlight. 

Let us look at 10 amazing Stop Motion Photography example Videos  

1.Grofers Motion Graphics Corporate Film Making by The Jigsaw 

This Stop Motion photography is done for the Grofers India Pvt. Ltd. It is an online grocery store with a home delivery facility. The stop motion photography is done using vegetables and converted into an explainer video backed up with a catching male voice-over. 

2. UTOPIA. A stop motion Animation by Goldies 

This Stop motion animation is built entirely of clay, consisting of 2500 still images. 

Dragonframe is used to create this animation, which is shot with a Canon EOS 600D. Photoshop and Sony Vegas Pro 14 are used to edit the video. The BlueYeti is used to record all sound effects. 

3. Candy- Short Stop Motion Film by Pilot Light 

This stop motion animation portrays an M’n’M’s desperate attempt to fit in and belong. It is entirely photographed by using candies, chocolates, and toffies. 

4. Alan Travers- Motion Biscuit Cake 

This Stop Motion has been created with all the ingredients that are needed to cook a cake. The creator’s girlfriend often says that “The ingredients may make it on their own.”, so to prove this right, he created this stop motion video to promote his girlfriend’s entry in a great Irish cookery competition. This was his first stop-motion attempt, and it took him a week to shoot and edit. Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop were used to edit the footage shot on a Canon 550D. 

5. Wayaba Filmmakers- Creativity- Stop Motion

This stop motion has been created entirely with different kinds of wooden colour pencils. It has energetic music in the background; it can nicely engage little kids. 

6. Fadi Gwanny- Sherine & Sherif stop motion By Gwanian Photography Team

This Stop Motion took 14 hours of shooting and many pictures (1140 pictures); a team of 22 members completed it in 14 hours. This stop motion works with the cutouts and non-living objects and features humans in the video. They have done everything on the floor, starting from the bed to the tennis court. 

7. A Real Friend- stop motion photography by Eleanor Murray

This stop motion video features the daily activity and, in the end, how he found a friend. 

8. Special Delivery! 

This is a very interesting short stop motion, where at first, it shows how a couple came together and on the next day they received a gift by delivery, and it was their baby. 

9. Stop Motion Self Portrait 

This stop motion photography example holds a deep concept. It showed a girl’s confidence with just facial expressions and how she was lacking when she was affected by leukoderma- a skin disease. The girl learns to hold her self-confidence until the end, irrespective of her new change in he looks. 

10. Coffee Stop Motion- Hannah Selina Crespo- Coffee Stop Motion by Hannah Crespo, Ira Cristales and Jamie Guiam 

This is a short stop motion with only the coffee ingredients and happy music. 

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