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List of Top 10 Media Production Companies in India

The world of the 21st century is dominated by media production. The number of media in today’s digital space is ever increasing. People across the globe are consuming content through media more than ever. With the growth of technology and the development of communication designs, communication platforms, and data centers, media consumption has increased by leaps and bounds. Photos, videos, music, podcasts, and live streaming are all very common modes of media consumption. 

Moreover, today businesses and organizations are also looking up to the various modes of media for promoting their brands and services. Because guess what, it is much easier to promote and capture the attention of people through them. 

Everybody is consuming media be it through Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or corporate media through platforms like LinkedIn and through online advertisements and commercials on television, podcasts, and radio. 

Before digging deep into it, let us first know about the media. 

What is Media? 

Media refers to a broad platform of communication and interaction that conveys a story, message, or any kind of information to a specific audience. It can consist of radio cover, movie, television, corporate, promotion, printed media, and web-based media. Social media, web, broadcast, and presentation, or offline media can all be used as the final platform to show such media. 

The media is a highly effective weapon for reaching out to the public. This is already happening through news channels, blogging, and social networking sites, which affect our society, culture and lifestyle, and information streams. 

What is Media Production?  

So, what comes to your mind when you think about media production? You are thinking about the various processes that involve in creating media items.  

The process of media production involves the creation of several types of audio and visuals, such as podcasts, videos, films, advertising commercials, and so on.  

Later, the media content is published with the help of social media platforms, video content platforms, radio, tapes, disks or on, television or any other form of media production.  

Media plays an important and crucial role in the lives of people every day. Yes! That is true. Media has an enormous impact on social and political issues, including lifestyle. Media is not only for entertainment and advertising purposes, but also an important means to stay up to date with current affairs and about what is happening around the world. 

Media trends are not constant. They are changing and evolving with each passing day with a rapidly changing digital landscape. Home-made videos can go viral throughout the world, videos posted on YouTube can help the masses learn about new things. Brands can launch their products online with video and live streaming. 

What is the role of a Media production company

Firms that develop and distribute media material are known as media production companies. This might range from periodicals to TV series to video games. Advertising agencies and other sorts of marketing material are created in collaboration with media production firms.  

These businesses are completely responsible for delivering services for the creation of a project, from initial creative concept to its completion for the final user. Movies, radio, television ads, and online creation like short videos for web advertising are among the services offered by these media production companies.  

Media production ensures that the final creation reaches the destination where it is required. 

What are the stages of Media production? 

Media production is not an extremely easy task. There are lots of processes and stages in it.  

The media production includes all the stages to complete any type of media product. It begins from the initial stage of creation of ideas to final video making with visual touches.

This is applicable to any time of media production like films, video, audio, music and so on. 

In this article, we will mention the stages of media production too so that you can be aware of the kind of work which happens in the background. As a result of which, you get to see some stunning videos which immediately catch your attention. 

Following are the various stages involving the production of any type of media content

  1. Development 
  2. Pre-production 
  3. Production 
  4. Post-production 
  5. Distribution 

So, now, let’s see what happens in each stage of media production in a detailed manner.  

Media Production processes and stages  

Production procedures in the media industry have evolved to meet practitioners’ demands. The media production system is focused on audience interaction, consumption, and reception, as well as the need to operate under time, money, and skill restrictions. The process outlines specific steps that serve as the basis for media production in all media types. The steps of the process are neither static or linear; rather, all are iterative and interconnected. The media creation process is supported by continual analysis, reflection, and assessment, which necessitates critical, creative, and reflective thinking. 

What happens in the development stage of media production? 

The production’s foundational principles, goal, storyline, and audience are investigated in the developmental phase of media production. Other media products are explored at this step-in order to analyse media norms and conventions, genre, style, and the place, context, and time of creation. In connection to the target viewers and aim, equipment, materials, and technologies are studied in a variety of media formats. Experiments using materials, equipment, and technologies are carried out to improve understanding and proficiency in their usage. 

Now, let’s see what happens in the pre-production stage of media production

What happens during the media development pre-production stage? 

The production is prepared with the audience, goal, story, and setting in mind in the pre-production stage of media creation. The product’s story is being built, covering how it will connect, be consumed, and understood by the target audience. The story is built with media standards and norms, category, and style in mind. Production documentation and planning are done visually and in writing, utilising tools like liner notes and storyboards. The production equipment, technology, and materials are recorded. It is also planned how the content will be disseminated to the audience, as well as the relevance in which it would be delivered and consumed. 

Next, comes the production stage of media content creation

What happens in the production phase of media content development? 

The proposed production design is documented and captured. Annotations on media codes and conventions, as well as changes to the production design, might well be included to the production proposed design. Production can be a collaborative effort including a group of individuals assigned to certain duties, or it can be an individual activity. Written documentation, spoken feedback, and/or visual feedback can all be used to reflect on and evaluate the output. 

Next, comes the post-production stage of media. This is also an important phase of media content development. 

Let’s look. 

What happens in the post-production stage of media production? 

The production is developed and resolved with the objective, audience, and story composition in mind. Media norms and standards are being used to resolve concepts and consider the interaction, consumption, and acceptance of the target audience. Editing needs special equipment. The designer and participants will reflect on the item and its link to the defined audience and intent after receiving feedback.  

Various photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop etc. and video editing software like Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Filmora etc. are used. Last touches and visual effects are also given to the output at this stage of media production

Finally, comes the last stage of media production that is distribution. 

Let’s see what happens here. 

What happens in the distribution phase of media production? 

The product is distributed to the intended audience in a predetermined context and place. The designer and/or collaborators will seek input for future shows depending on audience’s reaction and deep introspection at this stage. 

Final media product is distributed to the masses in various ways depending on the type of media content.  

How can successful media production be achieved? 

Successful media production firms concentrate on creating a product that will captivate the target audience and generate new revenue for the client. The aim is to link a business brand to a specific audience, which requires an experienced staff. 

A project initiation planning meetings are held with the end customer and the media production company’s creative director. This guarantees that all project details are structured, examined, and discussed before the project begins. 

To complete a project, media production businesses use skilled and competent field personnel. Recruiting skilled producers and directors with a lengthy record of accomplishment of accomplishment is vital to the overall success of an engaging production. 

Some media production companies also have marketing departments who plan how and where to distribute the finished output. The media production business, for example, may have suppliers for placing advertising on TV networks and may assist with the setup easily. 

What are the factors which are essential in maintaining successful media production? 

There are numerous factors on which successful media production depends.  

good media production company always maintains a successful media production output. They perform proper research beforehand the production and distribution of media items. They have efficient teams for production of video who are well skilled and highly experienced. They also have a dedicated team who does the market research to get the preliminary idea of how people or the target audience will accept the media content. 

Following is the list of numerous factors which are important in determining the success of a media production company. 

Engaging Content 

Engaging content is one of the most key factors which soon will decide the scale of success of media production. The more engaging a content, the more the people will be hooked into it and more will be the number of users. A good engaging content depends on the content matter, how it is presented, and the quality of material, visual touches and so on. 

Target Audience 

media production company should have clarity regarding whom they are producing the media for. Contents made focussed on target audience are more likely to be watched by them since it will resemble and resonate with them than a media content which does not have any resemblance with them.  


good media production company demonstrates professionalism through their work and effort. The more professional a company is, the more successful it will be, and this also increases the chances of producing good media content as well. 

Marketing Approach 

Marketing Approach is also a crucial element in determining the success of media production and popularity of the media content. Proper research should be done before distribution of the media for a good marketing approach. 

Creative Approach 

What differentiates one media production company from the rest is their creative approach. Creativity is a key factor in making a media content popular.  


Using the latest technologies for media creation and media production can help in making the best media content. 

Tech support 

Strong tech support is especially important for successful media production. Strong tech support ensures a quick solution to a problem if one arises. Thus, smoothening the path for better media production. 

Customer Service 

Customer service is very crucial in determining the success of a media production company. A good customer service ensures trust and faith in the company and improves its reputation. 

The Top 10 Media Production Companies in India 

Following is the list of top 10 media production companies in India. 

1. The Jigsaw 

Jigsaw is the best media production company. It provides many services including photography, videography, corporate film production, explainer video production, making advertisements and distributing them. 

Website: Corporate Film Production Company | Corporate Movie in Vashi, Navi Mumbai ( 

2. Video Explainer Pune 

Video Explainer Pune is also one of the best media production companies in India. They have great skill and expertise. They prove excellent quality media content. They have some of the best editors to take care of media production. 


3. Video Explainer Mumbai 

Video Explainer Mumbai is a creative media production agency. They provide numerous services like photography, corporate videography, marketing event videography, talent enhancing video and so on. 


4. Delhi Todays 

Delhi Todays is also a media production company based in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. They are quite popular in their domain. 


5. Ycce Media 

This media production house has its headquarters based in Nagpur, Maharashtra. It is a part of Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering. 

Website: YCCE | Linktree 

6. Civic Studios 

Civic Studios is also a media production house which is based in Mumbai, India. Civic studios was incubated at the MIT Media Lab in the United States. 

Website: Civic Studios | Stories that bring citizens and government together. 

7. The Gravity Originals 

Media production company, The Gravity Originals, is based in Phagwara, Punjab. They are for producing and prompt podcasts. 

Website: The Gravity Originals | LinkedIn 

8. Rishabh Kalra Media Works 

Media Production company Rishabh Kalra Media Works based in Mumbai, India. They are a team of artists, writers and creative filmmakers who are experts in media production and their aim is to overcome linguistic and visual obstacles and help individuals and organisations to express themselves fully. 

Website: Rishabh Kalra Media Works ( 

9. The Fine Sight  

The FIne Sight is a media production company which has its headquarters in Bengaluru, Karnataka. 

Website: Bringing You The Finest Content | The Fine Sight | 

10. Editor Inside 

Media production Editor Inside is based in New Delhi, Delhi. 

Website: Editor Inside | LinkedIn 
So, that was all about Media Production and Media Production Companies in India. For more such blogs on media productions or video production, please visit our Official Website. 

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