Job Profiles in Animation

Want to start your career in animation but not sure what are scopes? Here we are with another exclusive content, where we will be discussing the different job profiles in the field of animation. 

So, let’s start! 

3D modeler 

3D modeler

In this job profile, one usually builds 3D characters, as well as environments basis through art. So, usually, a modeler creates the model’s skin or surfaces, paints it then wraps these 2nd textures on a digital frame. Thus, modelers produce character skeletons that animators then control. The modeling task is administered on varied programs like Maya, Pixar’s RenderMan, 3DS Max, POV-Ray, etc. 



An animator produces multiple pictures known as frames. Once sequenced along, it has an illusion of movement, which is often called animation. The pictures will be created of digital or hand-drawn pictures, models, or puppets. Animators typically work in 2D, 3D model-making, stop-frame animation, or computer-generated animation.

Computer-generated animation features powerfully in motion photos (to produce computer graphics or an animated film in its own right), as in aspects of tv, the web, and the laptop games trade. The essential ability of animation still depends heavily on inventive ability. However, there’s an increasing want for animators to be conversant in technical laptop packages. 

Responsibilities include: 

  • Creating animation entails several stages, including idea generation, model construction, and lighting rigging.
  • Computer animation uses a software package called CGI (computer-generated imagery). 
  • Tasks usually involve: 
  • liaising with purchasers and developing animation from their ideas 
  • An animator creates storyboards that depict the script and narrates it to the audience 
  • drawing in 2d to form sketches, designs, or illustrations 
  • designing models, backgrounds, sets, characters, objects, and also the animation atmosphere 
  • using a spread of materials and modelling clay, plaster, oil paints, watercolors, and acrylics. 

Flash Animator 

People in this work profile produce animation for videos, websites, games, advertising and selling, education materials, etc. Flash animators add shut coordination with inventive administrators to form positive that the animation created compliments the look. They additionally ensure that the tip product is in synchronization with the technology used. 

Stop Motion Animator 

People in this job profile use puppets, clay, or models to form animated films or tv commercials. Stop motion animators work to supply their results by combining the art of photography, utilizing narrative skills—furthermore, the ability to control light and calculate angles from stop motion animations without digitally manipulating it.

Video Game Designer 

video Game Designer

Game Designers establish the aesthetics, mood, and appearance of the sport, which is integral to the game’s attractiveness and marketability. The user expertise should always be thought of during the event process, as players have to be compelled to feel engaged and rewarded by the sport to continue enjoying. 

They are expected to deliver the following jobs: 

  • Design and develop the first idea 
  • Construct level structure 
  • Write plotline, character bios, dialogue, plot points, game objective 
  • Storyboard the action of the sport 
  • Direct action sequences 
  • Define computer programs, menus, and controls 

Employers might seek for the subsequent skills in Game Designers: 

  • Creativity – coming up with the globe of the sport, characters, storyline, visual vogue 
  • Strong analytical mind 
  • Programming skills 
  • Solid data of the play trade 

Animation Director 

folks operating in such employment profiles recruit, coordinate and manage animation groups. Animation administrators work closely with the one that handles the production. Their task list additionally includes decoding briefs and thenceforth human action, an equivalent to the whole animation team. 



Cartoonists draw political, advertising, comic, and sports cartoons. Some cartoonists work with others who produce the thought or story and write captions. Some make plots and write captions themselves. In addition to drawing skills, most cartoonists have comic, critical, or dramatic abilities.

Education needed: 

Most fine artists pursue postsecondary education to earn degrees that may improve their skills and job prospects. a proper certificate paper is usually not required for anyone to be a creative craft person. However, it’s tough to achieve adequate inventive skills without some formal education. High school categories like art, shop, and residential economic science will teach prospective craft artists several the essential skills they’re going to need, skills drawing, craft, and sewing. 

Training Required: 

Craft and fine artists improve their skills through application and repetition. They will train in many ways in which different from or additionally to formal schooling. Art and fine artists will teach with less complicated comes before trying one thing bolder. 

Character Animator 

Character Animator

This career profile should style and build characters by victimization animation software packages, 2D animations, 3D modelling, and puppetry. Character Animators produce characters, such that they use movement to speak a story. Character animators develop these for films, television, mobile applications as well as video games. 

Visual Development artist 

Visual development artists work with inventive departments to develop backgrounds, colours, lighting, environments, props for films, animated items, and more. They use animation, illustration, drawing, and style skills to form visuals that convey concepts regarding how they envision the planning of the piece. Visual development artists usually add 2d or 3D, and that they use programs like Photoshop and Maya. Visual development artists add the quickly growing mobile technology field moreover. 

Graphic Designers 

Graphic Designers create visual concepts and communicate information to the outside world. They create posters and packaging, logos, and other marketing materials. They use elements like shapes, colours, typography, images, and more to convey all the ideas to a group audience. 

Graphic Designers can work in-house, creating designs specifically for one brand, or work at an agency or as a freelancer, where they work with a variety of clients working for all the needs. 

The role of Graphic Designers varies depending on where they work and on which field they work. Tasks that designers may work on include selecting photos and typefaces, developing layouts, and designing logos. Graphic Designers may be specialized in a particular area, such as motion graphics or print media for any animation studio

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