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20 Product Demo Videos That Inspire You  

The greatest approach to show off products or services is via a own product demo video. It rapidly captures the attention of everyone, because who doesn’t enjoy watching demo video?

Potential Customers may learn more about the goods they’re going to buy by watching demo videos. Watching product demo videos is undoubtedly more fascinating than reading a product description in a boring blog article, or even worse, in a terrible manual book.

More crucially, by 2022, marketing videos are expected to account for 82 percent of all internet traffic. Last year, marketing material such as explainer video and best product demo videos contributed to a 49 percent boost in sales. So, there’s one irrefutable truth about animated video marketing: it’s a certain way for any company to succeed.

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking for examples of successful product demo videos. Here are a few product demonstration videos to get you started.

Here are some examples of 15 Product Demo Videos that Inspire You.  

Canon EOS 1000  

Canon introduced the EOS 1000D, a 10.1-megapixel digital single-lens reflex camera, on June 10, 2008, and it began delivering in mid-August 2008. In Japan, it’s known as the EOS Kiss F, whereas in the US and Canada, it’s known as the EOS Rebel XS. The 1000D is an entry-level DSLR that is said to be a step down from the 450D. 

The sassy Canon EOS 1000D, a superb DSLR with the best lenses and seven auto-focus points, is the subject of this Product best Demo videos. This video clearly displays and explains the Compaq CQ 420’s options with some nice pictures on screen.


This business feels that the product demo video should be funny. They employ comedy in advertising and marketing that is so related to their target demographic that it generates a lot of shares, media attention, and goes viral rapidly.

Vat 19: World’s Largest Gummy Worm  

Vat 19 is a web-based gift store. Vat 19 has created hundreds of demo video, virtually all of which have received over a million views. The 2.5-foot huge gummy worm, weighing roughly 3 pounds, is the subject of this product demo film. This bizarre video highlights the product’s qualities. They feel that if your product is ridiculous, then your product demo video content should be as well.

Dollar Shave Club 

This company also plays with humor and has successfully produced some product demo video content that inspire you, and Unilever later bought the company for one billion dollars. They have successfully made ends meet by making razors funny and memorable in their best product demo videos.  

Solo Stove Bonfire  

Which kind of firewood do you suggest? Any firewood logs can work, however for the greatest flame, we recommend using dry hardwoods in our fire pits. Birch, maple, hickory, and oak are examples of hardwoods that burn longer and cleaner than softwoods.

A black nylon travel bag is included with each Bonfire. If you want to leave your Bonfire outside, you may purchase an additional Bonfire Shelter, which is an all-weather cover.

 The Origins of Nike Free  

The story of how Nike Free running shoes trainers came to be is told in this Product Demo Videos. They show the concept and, as a result, the vision that led to the creation of this particular product. “Engineered for Modern Motion” is their tagline.

What works effectively here is the framework that the brand gives for the product’s idea and ambition.

The shoe’s designers talk about how it was made and highlight features like “more natural mobility” and “beautiful, modern evolution.”

“Engineered for contemporary motion,” comes a simple slogan at the conclusion.

Survey Monkey  

This 2-minute product video features some beautiful graphics illustrating Survey Monkey’s perks. It leads you through the product interface and explains all of the options.  

With images highlighting SurveyMonkey’s perks and features as well as a walk-through of the product interface, this almost two-minute product demo packs a tremendous punch.

Why it works: Viewers see how simple it is to use SurveyMonkey to send a survey. They may also examine how it works with other platforms such as Slack.

This is a short movie that shows how SurveyMonkey can be integrated into a user’s everyday routine – and how simple the product is to use from sign-in to submit.


It’s always amazing when Apple releases a new product. This raunchy product presentation film introduces the new iPhone twelve. They should use basic text notifications and compelling pictures to make things easy for the visitors.

Crazy Egg  

They create explainer video that are actually intelligible and explainable to non-technical individuals. It not only gives the audience an overview of the unique heat map tool, but it also exhibits the traditional best product demo videos in action. This compelling product demo video begins by introducing what “Crazy Eggs” is before demonstrating the features and tools. 

Western Union: U.S. Mobile Bill Payments  

This animated product demo video from Western Union shows how video marketing may provide clients mobile payment choices. The cartoon characters have thoroughly discussed each choice.

This product presentation film stands out because to its consistent brand style and color.

The animation pullulates the recognizable yellow and black components of Western Union. The rest of the information is included within the hue that denotes a Western Union transmission.

Say Hey to IKEA Place  

The announcer of this product demo video says, “IKEA would like everyone to know about Place, our new augmented reality programmed.” Project management software capabilities and the problems it answers are then demonstrated in this classic product demo video.

There’s nothing wrong with being up forward about your goal.

This demo video says, “Hey, IKEA would like everyone to know about Place, our new augmented reality app.”

A video montage of people laboring to create and equip new quarters follows the app presentation.

The narrator adds, “We want to make it easy for people worldwide to envisage a better place.”

Why it works: It tackles a problem and explains why this product exists to resolve it. This formula isn’t required for every demo, but it’s a good place to start.

Salesforce: what is CPQ?  

 Kyle Carlos Fuentes, the Salesforce CPQ product team, has a straightforward talk with us (configure, price, quote). She answers to two queries after mercantilism the product: “What is CPQ?” and “What is CPQ?” “Why would I want it, anyway?” She discusses the benefits of CPQ as well as three justifications for its importance. Finally, she gives visitors with more materials via numerous links at the top. This clip is an excellent example of accurately defining a product videos, product’s features and demonstrating it, even if the product is abstract like software.

Ring Door View Cam  

This product demo film is a perfect example of showing rather than telling potential customers what your product can achieve. The Ring Door View Cam is demonstrated in a variety of contexts in this product demo video.

We witness them use the mobile interface, take use of the speaker, and use the camera to escape danger.

Demos often highlight the benefits, but nothing beats seeing it in action. Use cases are ideal for demos because of this.

Duolingo: The best way to learn a Language  

In this demo video, the Wall Street Journal and PC Magazine both endorse the device. The product demo video explains how Duolingo works and provides third-party data on its efficacy, and it’s a good reminder that professional suggestions matter.

The Wall Street Journal calls Duolingo “far and away the greatest free language learning app programmed” to start things off.

The following is a summary of how the platform works, along by more statistics on its effectiveness.

When it comes to proving that your product works, facts might be more appealing than a product demo.


This video is a standard product demonstration. A well-written, feature-rich screenplay that delves directly into how Zoom may be used and benefited by professionals. The voice-over is also quite helpful in understanding Zoom’s functions.


The narrator outlines what occurs to a baby’s nose when they’re sick, as well as why your kid is fussy, in this sample. The narrator begins by demonstrating how to use the NoseFrida, a gadget that allows parents to physically suck snot out of their child’s nose, therefore ending your days of carefree milkshake sipping (take it from me).

Your child is adorable until she isn’t.

In this sample, the narrator describes what happens to a baby’s nose when they’re ill, as well as why your infant is irritable.

He discovered the viewer’s pain spots right away and presented the issue to NoseFrida’s competition.

The narrator begins by explaining how to use the NoseFrida, a gadget that allows parents to physically suck snot out of their baby’s nose, ultimately ending your days of carefree milkshake drinking (take it from me).

This is when the firm achieves something truly remarkable. They recognise that the gross-out factor this product provokes is their customer’s largest purchase roadblock, so they address it head-on.

The narrator states, “Breathe easy, we know what you’re thinking.” They go on to describe how NoseFrida is made to be sanitary and safe.

Are you aware that your product raises a major red signal for customers? Instead of tiptoeing around the elephant in the room, confront it head on, like NoseFrida does.


Craftsy, originally known as Bluprint, has perfected the art of persuading people to part with their most valuable asset: their time.

They begin by informing users that they offer something for everyone. “Whether you’re just starting out with a craft or seeking to enhance your talents, our world-class instruction is here to help,” the narrator continues.

The movie then goes over the several classes that customers may attend, from baking to knitting, emphasizing the need of having experienced teachers to guide them.


Sphero establishes credibility straight away by referencing previous accomplishments before promoting its new product and features.

Do you have a popular product that you’d want to introduce? Sphero is aware of the situation.

BB-8, a robot produced by the brand for the film Star Wars: The Force Awakens, was released a few years ago. I hear that worked out well for them.

They begin a Kickstarter video for their newest robot by showcasing the classic BB-8 robot that propelled them to fame. They introduce their new robot, the Sphero RVR, once the audience has figured out who they are.

The robot’s engineers talk about what their new invention accomplishes and why it’s unique in the rest of the video. We trust them because they’ve tied this new creation to their previous power.

Sphero develops their credibility right away by highlighting prior accomplishments before introducing their new product and its characteristics.


Close-ups of the machine in operation showcase many features, but the experience you’ll have with Peloton is the focus of this film.

This product film starts with the Peloton bicycle’s origin tale and swiftly moves on to the benefits (i.e., you can ride it in your bedroom without waking your partner).

“One of the issues with boutique fitness is that it might be inconvenient,” the video says before you know it, it’s referring to viewer pain spots.

Thousands of classes, expert teachers, a supportive community, and simple navigation

Close-ups of the machine in action show certain functions, but the most important aspect of this movie is the Peloton experience.

“This is exactly what I’ve been looking for,” one video participant comments.

I can’t help but believe that was the primary intention of the video’s creators for their audience.

Compaq CQ 420   

All of the Compaq CQ 420’s additional standard options are demonstrated in this product demonstration film. This video clearly displays and explains the Compaq CQ 420’s options with some nice pictures on screen.

That concludes the twenty product demo movies. Hopefully, these product demo video have sparked your interest in creating your own.

You may contact us by sending us an email or calling us on the phone if you want to develop an exceptional product demo video for your next product or advertise existing ones.

Zendesk Sunshine

In their product demo video, Zendesk emphasizes pain points.

“Customer relationships are difficult to manage… made up of scattered bits of information about your clients… it’s all over the place, “A narrator clarifies. “What appears to be chaos is actually everything you desire,” Zendesk understands.

The potential users gets the impression that Zendesk understands them right away. Zendesk doesn’t even mention a solution until 50 seconds into the video.

We never see the platform in action, but that isn’t the pain point of this video. That is what makes it a powerful demonstration.


This classic product video movie employs animation to demonstrate how target audience will profit.

This film does a good job of demonstrating a variety of use cases while taking a broad, top-of-the-funnel approach that will appeal to the target audience.

Airtable also does something else quite clever. As time passes and viewers theoretically exit the movie, the information supplied becomes more specialized, with specific techniques and characteristics.

If someone has stayed on Airtable’s video demonstrates for more than one minute, they are most likely a qualified lead who wants to learn online learning platform.

The Lip Bar

A model demonstrates how to apply one of the brand’s products, the “Caffeine Concealer,” in this video.

The model incorporates the product into their makeup regimen in under five minutes and discusses the application procedure as they go.

This is why it works: While the demo allows target audience to see how the product will seem in real life, it also give product demos how simple it is to include it into one’s regular beauty regimen.


Slack employs this vibrant film to dispel a frequent misunderstanding about their platform: that it’s solely for exchanging private conversations. They demonstrate how teams may interact using their interface to viewers.

“It’s a lot more than simply a meeting location,” the actor continues, “we keep all of our files here as well.”

The video is heavy on features, but the actor explains how those capabilities translate into advantages while walking viewers through a Slack demonstration.

With a clear call-to-action, “Get started with Slack now” ends off this educational film.


Esusu, a financial planning tool built by Forbes 30 Under 30 social entrepreneurs Abbey Wemimo and Samir Goel, aims to assist individuals in underserved areas. The company’s demo provides visitors an inside look at Esusu’s platform and the features it has to offer.

This example demonstrates how families may utilize the platform to build credit for each member, save money collectively, and send money to one another.

The opening above does a good job of establishing a pain point by asking the audience whether they’ve ever battled with terrible credit or inadequate money. After that, it explains how Esusu may assist them.

This demo also shows how a brief and basic tour of an app may educate potential users just what they need to know about browsing and utilizing a financial planning tool of this sort.

Incorporate Product Demo Videos into Your Marketing Strategy Plan

Product demo videos important. Product demo videos may take some time and effort to make, but once they’re up and running, they may be a valuable part of your company’s overall video marketing strategy.

Marketers are discovering that product demonstration video are their most effective tool as customers seek out more video information while evaluating items. To get your prospect to the customer stage, you’ll want to use video marketing and product demos, just as they did.

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